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Our Classes

The classes at Apple House Preschool Cooperative were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about each program.


Ages 2 - 3
Must be 2 by August 1 to enroll
Meets 2 days a week for 2 hours
Tuition: $79 per month

The Apple Seeds class is designed for our youngest learners.  Each Seeds class is limited to 10 children total and will be guided by our teacher, Ms. Teresa and two additional parent volunteers. Our focus during class is on child-led play and choosing time with developmentally appropriate activities offered. Each class time also includes “Circle Time” –a time for a short book, song, or other group activity- snack time, and gross motor time.  Some important developmental milestones for this age group include: being able to separate more easily from parents, starting to show empathy for other children, and identifying some of their own feelings.  Being potty trained is not a requirement for any of our classes!



Ages 3 - 4
Must be 3 by August 1 to enroll
Meets 2 days a week for 2.5 hours
Tuition: $84 per month

The class focuses on child-led play and choosing time with thoughtfully selected, developmentally appropriate activities available, circle/story time, songs, snack, and gross motor activities. Some of the important milestones that children can meet around these ages are playing cooperatively in a group, sharing and taking turns with assistance, beginning detailed dramatic and imaginative play, and perhaps gravitating towards one friend in particular. Each Dumplings class is limited to 14 children, and as always, our teachers are assisted by two participating parents during each class.



Ages 4 - 5
Must by 4 by August 1 to enroll
Meets 3 days a week for 3 hours
Tuition: $115 per month

The Apple Jacks class is our pre-kindergarten class. This class is designed to help prepare children for the traditional kindergarten environment. In our Jacks class, the children have a “have to” each day to prepare them for Kindergarten so they can learn to follow directions and to complete tasks. There is more exposure to letters and numbers in this class during Circle Time and during some of the daily table activities. Socially, this age group will develop friendships, enjoy imaginative group play (like “house” or “store”), and will stick with difficult tasks for longer periods of time. Our Jacks class also goes through a graduation ceremony at the end of the year!

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