At one time, the land on which St. Augustine (Episcopal Church, Danville, IN) is located was all apple orchards. As the gentleman who owned the land got older, he had his right hand man cut down the trees until there were only two trees from the original orchard left. Upon his death, the land was willed to the Episcopal Church. ¬†When the church took over, they remodeled the “apple house” building where the picked apples were stored to be used for Sunday school classes. In the early 1980’s St. Augustine’s decided they wanted to utilize the building during the week for some use by the community. They sent out 500 letters, receiving 2 back, one from a group of mothers wanting to start a preschool co-op.

In 1983 Apple House Preschool Co-op, Inc. was started. Apple House moved to Avon Christian Church in 1992 and was housed there for 13 years. We moved again to Grace Fellowship Church in 2005 and then Parkside Church of the Nazarene. We are now located at The Journey Church in Avon.